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Freon Trucking
We put our customers at ease because our drivers move freights in a timely, efficient and safe manner across all 48 states of the USA.
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Freon Driver Skill Center
Freon Driver Skill Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing proper education and handling of a commercial motor vehicle.
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STUMPED is a members-only luxurious sports lounge that offers an upscale experience like no other! Our members-only lounge is the perfect place to unwind and watch your favorite games in style — enjoy our comfortable seating, iconic views of Bakersfield, big-screen TVs, and a delicious menu of food and drinks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in town.

Our Values


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All thoughts, feelings and backgrounds are equally important in our workplace culture.



Everyone deserves equal opportunities. Freon believes everyone should be seen, heard, valued and empowered to succeed. Our diverse perspectives fuels innovation, strengthens connections and builds a better community.


We innovate together. Our customer's input helps us develop better products & the best service. We continue to advance our technology to provide our customers a competitive advantage.


We earn trust from our customers, employees through transparency, security, compliance, privacy and performance


It is our promise and obligation to build a better, stronger and more unified community for generations to come. We strive on developing our people and improving our communities.

Safety & Security

we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure high safety measures at all steps so we can thrive on a safe eco-system.

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